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 Barodian advertising deals in variety and high numbers of outdoor advertising products.

› Unipoles and Hoardings

Hoardings refers to a large board at the side of a road, used for displaying advertising posters [Old French hourd palisade]. And Unipoles refers to larger advertising board on one single pole. Check out the fact figures of Barodian Advertising hoardings
30+ HOARDINGS in only Vadodara city
95% of hoardings are eye catching UNIPOLES
All hoardings are either front-lit or back-lit
Our Design of the Hoardings is selected as a model by the Vadodara Urban Development

› Small Backlit Unipoles (Road Signage)

This is smaller version of Hoardings. But are in back sides of Road Signages. These tiny and cute little structures are besides roads, and have high amount of visibility among road side walkers. We have:
60+ signages at prime roads in Vadodara city
30+ signages at Undera city